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Our Mission

BALANCE BJJ has been a  growing ambition in Paxton's mind for the last few years. He identified a need for a BJJ Academy with a difference. One with the highest standard of quality and commitment running through. An academy aimed at a clientele that desires a high level of teaching, with exceptional facilities and a relaxed and healthy ethos. Where students have nothing to prove and only their own personal gains to accomplish. Where they can train with the knowledge that they are in good company, with like minded individuals whose sole interest is training in a serene, prestigious environment.

BuddhaBox offers the perfect home for BALANCE BJJ. With the central location, highest quality Martial Arts and gym training facilities and aligned ethos for well-being and health  BALANCE BJJ could not have visualised a better partnership. Working together we will offer our students the most centrally located Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training and Martial Arts experience in the UK.

balance + BUDDAHBOX 



Second Degree Black Belt

Head Instructor Paxton is a Second Degree Black Belt under 10 times World BJJ Champion Roger Gracie.

After 11 years Paxton was honoured to be given permission by Roger to open his own RGA affiliated academy in Henley on Thames. 

At the Henley Academy Paxton has been able to hone in on his skill for teaching. His infectiously kind and happy attitude runs throughout the gym. His students regularly travel long distances to train with him.

As well as his academy Paxton also teaches Private Clients in Henley and London. He has taught an array of different clients from celebrities such as Spencer Matthews, Jamie Laing, Edward Westwick. Military Personnel, Film Stunts people, Esteemed Doctors and Heads of Finance. Paxton's energy transcends to people from all walks of life, and all are welcome to train with him.

Paxton is now ready for his next journey incorporating his love of training and ethos for well being and healthy living by launching BALANCE BJJ.

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Luxury Martial Arts Club, Mayfair

BuddhaBox is a Luxury Boxing and Wellness Members Club based in Mayfair and includes a state of the art Gym, Holistic Studio and beautiful Changing Rooms with Infrared Saunas. It provides high-energy group classes along with one to one and small group personal training sessions to help drive its members to the next level.

Their workouts are designed to challenge your limits and help you exceed your own expectations. Their aim is to improve endurance and strength and create a lean & toned physique for all.

The meaning behind BuddhaBox

As combat fighting can be known to be intense and aggressive, our intention is to balance this with a holistic offering of yoga, Shamanic trance, pilates and stretching. Finding this balance is the entity behind BuddhaBox and is the foundation of our brand.

A community unlike any other training space. From our coaches to our staff to our members, you will always feel welcomed and at home while training at BuddhaBox. 


Ali BJJ Instructor_edited_edited.jpg

Ali is a devoted Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and instructor with a journey spanning over 8 years in the art. He was awarded his Brown Belt by Roger Gracie and continues to train under him at his HQ academy in Hammersmith.

With a real passion for sharing the knowledge he’s attained, Ali deeply enjoys witnessing the transformation of novices into confident practitioners, guiding them through the early stages of their BJJ journey. 

As well as training and teaching Ali is a dedicated competitor and has goals of competing at the highest levels. Ali not only seeks to challenge himself but also motivate and inspire his students and fellow practitioners to step outside their comfort zone and pursue their own goals within the sport.

Ben tan

As a self professed grappling nerd and featherweight competitor, Ben has trained nearly everyday for the best part of 5 years. He has chalked up over 46 wins in 50 matches on the masters circuit including 1st place finishes in IBJJF London Open, English Open, AJP National Pro and a host of local competitions. Bens proudest achievements in jiu jitsu have been helping to coach students and children to competitive success. 

Splitting his time between Oxfordshire and London Ben is happiest when on the mats with friends sharing his journey. Ben’s teaching focus is on incremental improvements over time which is aimed at helping you to acquire knowledge, retain knowledge, and most importantly apply that knowledge against a resisting opponent. Strong fundamentals form a core part of Ben’s philosophy, he believes each student should have a rounded foundation which can then be shaped to their unique abilities. 

Catch Ben on Monday evenings here at Balance BJJ

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